About Us



Celebrating More than 30 Years (1988 - 2019)

Mousehouse Cheesehaus is family owned and operated and has been supplying our customers with the finest in Wisconsin Cheese since 1988.

We stock the very best cheeses and sausages made in Wisconsin. To ensure the highest quality, we work directly with the factories, picking only the best to bring to our store. There, we place the cheese into our special coolers where it will be aged for up to 12 years currently. Occasionally we are able to keep some as long as 15 years and very rarely we have some that is 20 years old (Check back in 2021!)

In addition, we make our own creamy, sweet, mouth-watering fudge with only the finest ingredients.

Enjoy browsing our web site, where you can order your favorite cheeses to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Our store is located just north of Madison at exit 131 on Interstate 39/90/94 - about five minutes north of the Dane County Regional Airport, Truax Field. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by to sample some of our in-store delectables!